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We build EcoSmart NetZero Ready Homes

Project Manager

EcoSmart builds high performance homes that are optimized to be unique, sustainable, great value while still being cost efficient. We have developed a proven high performance home building recipe that enables us to build double wall NetZero ready homes at a competitive price. 


Murray is passionate about high performance buildings and is on a mission to demonstrate that with lean and more integrated practices we can build affordable NetZero homes. With a LEAN to be GREEN approach everybody WINS.  


  • Clients win as they get best value and are recognized as sustainability leaders 

  • The Team wins as projects are delivered in less time 

  • The Planet wins as we  protect the environment for future generations

Taylor is a hard working high energy builder that knows how to get Projects Done.  I also like unique quality designs that are beautiful. Check our Our Work.  I am also motivated as when the work gets done ... I get to play at wake boarding, snowboarding , mountain biking and windsurfing.  My strengths are: 

  • Communicate so everyone is on the same page

  • Collaborate to get best value

  • Work hard , It  just feels good!


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February 25, 2016

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