An Arctic Parka or a Jean Jacket, for your Next Home

Just imagine heading out into the extreme cold we just experienced this week with a wind chill of -47 DGC in just a Jean Jacket with no toque on. This is similar to relying on 2x6 construction with shitty windows to keep us comfortable during the extreme winters here in "Good ole Saskatchewan".

We all know that Arctic Parkas work much better! More importantly it is no longer cool to run around in a jean jacket, as the world is waking up to the fact that this type of behavior is creating a BIG PROBLEM called climate change, that is flooding cities and burning continents. In the financial world, non sustainable companies are becoming RISKY business, as they will be held accountable. With no sustainability plan, do not pass go and no more funding for you.

As investors in real estate, we need to think about the risk associated of owning an inefficient home. With changing mindsets how will the value of one of our biggest investments be affected by carbon tax, energy bills and new energy standards. The alternative is to do an energy efficiency upgrade or trade up to a NetZero home. This will not be an option as countries in Europe are already committing to becoming carbon neutral and NetZero energy standards are becoming law.

There is a perception that going NetZero should cost so much more. The reality is that #EcoSmart builds double wall NetZero Ready homes and are competitive with other developers on price, features and quality.

We follow a time tested high performance home building recipe that was developed by a friend, Rob Dumont a pioneer in practical cost efficient high performance homes.

At EcoSmart we have adopted this recipe and are convinced that Arctic Parkas may way more sense that Jean Jackets in our extreme climate.

Here are the facts! Not fake news! Let's summarize these for YOU

1. Climate Change is real; Our children's future depends upon everyone taking action

2. Purchasing a homes is a big investment. Why not make it a eco friendly smart investment that takes into account future market value, operating costs, carbon tax and risk.

3. The demand for NetZero Ready homes will be higher, driven by Generation X, Y &Z home buyers

4. Financial institutions are risk adverse and they see that non sustainable investments as too risky and are pulling funding. CMHC already provides rebates on insurance for new home buyers.

5. There is a proven recipe to build economically viable NetZero homes. That is the #EcoSmart standard.

6. NetZero smaller urban homes will increase in value more than inefficient larger homes in the burbs due to the carbon tax associated with home heating and transportation.

7. There is value and satisfaction of being a early adopter of NetZero Ready homes.

8. The PV panels to generate the energy required to get to NetZero provide a 10% return on investment. Better than the 2% you get in a GIC!

9. Homes with a better Parka and in-floor heating are way more comfortable.

10. The bottom line is that high performance homes are the best environmental and economic choice.

If you are interested in checking out an Arctic Parka home, please give us a call to discuss why we can build NetZero homes and how we can compete on price, quality and providing unique functional designs.

Stay warm


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