What is a NetZero Ready Home?

EcoSmart specializes in building economical NetZero Ready homes. This is achieved by optimizing the design for operating and construction costs. A key strategy is to achieve low energy use so that the home owner can add the minimum number of PV panels needed to achieve NetZero energy use with a positive return on investment.

This can be achieved when we:

  • Utilize lean construction practices to minimize waste, create better work flow enabling projects to be completed in less time and at less cost.

  • Optimize operating, energy and construction costs to enable NetZero energy use with a good return on investment.

  • Deliver a practical simple design that is functional, unique and meets the market demand at an affordable price

It's all about the TEAM

The key to delivering a successful best value project is to hand pick a team that can work in a trustful, disciplined and collaborative way to deliver a projects to a tight schedule and budget. This involves using lean construction practices that help to drastically improve productivity.

  • Utilize the Last Planner System to achieve an aggressive construction schedule

  • Design the project to achieve target cost using a lean design process.

  • Collaborate to deliver the project with discipline so the whole TEAM is successful

A NetZero Recipe with a Return on Investment

To achieve less than a ten-year payback on the renewable energy systems required to hit NetZero energy we need to optimize energy and construction costs. This can be achieved with the following design.

  • Double wall construction, triple glazed windows and air tight construction (0.7 air changes per hour at 50 pascals).

  • Passive solar design to minimize heating, cooling and lighting loads

  • Simple cost effective electric hot water heat with comfortable in-floor radiant heating.

  • Renewable energy systems (PV Panels) to achieve NetZero energy use

With a NetZero Ready Home all that required is to add enough PV Panels to say goodbye to energy bills!

Transformational & Repeatable

The EcoSmart home is transformational as it includes lean practices to achieve high levels of green performance at minimal additional capital cost. The recipe is simple, repeatable, economical and scalable so that if the industry decided tomorrow that all homes needed to NetZero by 2020, we have a viable solution that provides a positive return on investment.

What’s Next?

EcoSmart currently have plans for 4 new NetZero ready homes in 2020. Two modern NetZero ready homes under construction at 1601 Edward Ave in North Park, with two more classic homes in the design stage for 936 - 8th Ave in City Park.

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