Bon Voyage 1601 Edward Ave, Welcome "the Arnold" house

It is with mixed feelings that we send off 1601 Edward Avenue to repurposed as a new home or cabin. The Guy family has lived in view of this home for 35 years and have many fond memories of our neighbours Arnold and Odette Carlson the original Owners.

In recent discussions with Taylor the Builder and Orishia the Agent we have decided to name the two new infill homes after Arnold and Odette.

"the Arnold" will be built first as it will be next to the existing fence where we chatted about the many topics, much like the relationship between Home Improvement character Tim Taylor and Wilson. Arnold (Wilson) called our house the fertility house as the previous owners raised five kids there and we ended up with three . So Arnold in your memory we will build a fine sustainable house for new families to enjoy one of the best neighbourhoods in Saskatoon .

The new NetZero ready home will be double wall construction, air tight, comfortable and built with the best value energy efficient equipment that we can afford to keep the selling price and operating costs as economical as possible. This home will be legal suite ready so that it becomes affordable for first time buyers to own a new home. The design will also include a larger high ceiling garage like the one next door as this is what attracted me to buy this home, back in 1985.

The "the Odette" will take advantage of being the corner lot with more large windows to take advantage of the views and natural lighting. It will also be unique in that we have never built the same house twice! For interested buyers there is still time to participate in either of these designs so get your name on the list for these homes or for the next builds at 936 8th ave North in City Park.

If you are interested in a unique sustainable NetZero ready home stay tuned for updates on modern designs "the Arnold" and "the Odette" on Edward Ave or the character homes that will be built at 936 - 8th Ave North in City Park. Please contact Orishia Benevelli of Century 21 for details of when the EcoSmart homes will be ready for sale. If you get on the list there will be opportunities to customize your own unique design. Orishia can be reached @ 306.380.3220 or by email

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