2 Snowboard Dudes, 2 Unique Homes

One day two snowboard dudes Taylor Guy & James McCulloch decided to purchase a lot and build homes side by side. They designed and built two unique homes that sort of look like they belong together, like Ying and Yang.

The Ying and Yang home builds were successful in many ways. They demonstrated that high performance homes can be built for approximately the same cost as traditional construction. That young folks can afford to live in new homes when there is low energy costs and good income from a comfortable quality suite in the basement. They also learned that entrepreneurship and hard work can lead to new business opportunities.

Snowboarder James got into building fine cabinets and unique finishes and decided to venture out to start a production cabinetry shop called TRUE LIFESTiLE Design. The place were EcoSmart now goes to supply our unique affordable and finely crafted cabinetry. TRUE LIFESTiLE Design is on a mission to design and build quality unique house pieces that compete with the mass market stuff like IKEA but that come with great service attached. You should check out their work.

Snowboarder Taylor decided that everyone needs an affordable high performance EcoStarter like the one he lives in for less cost that a traditional home rental. This is achieved with extremely low energy bills achieved with an EcoSmart design and the premium rent from the self contained basement suite that subsidizes the mortgage The 811 Osborne formula worked well and now it is time to live and learn from this experience and venture on to build the next generation of affordable NetZero ready homes.

If you are interested in living in a unique sustainable NetZero ready home stay tuned for updates as we will be building four new homes at 1601 & 1603 Edward Avenue in North Park and 936 and 938 - 8th Ave North in City Park. Please contact Orishia Benevelli of Century 21 for details of when the EcoSmart homes will be ready for sale. If you get on the list there will be opportunities to customize your own unique design. Orishia can be reached @ 306.380.3220 or by email orishia.benevelli@century21.ca

Looking to the future we expect to hear of the many accomplishments of EcoSmart and TRUE LIFESTiLE Design, and many snowboard adventure when Taylor and James take time to enjoy life and the thrill of carving down a mountain on POWDER.

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