What's next for the EcoSmart home builder?

As EcoSmart begins it's sixth year of operation we are very optimistic that our future in Saskatchewan will be bright. The City of Saskatoon is in the process of creating a Climate Action Plan to promote more sustainable lifestyles, the Federal Government have committed to GHG reductions and we expect that more people will want to jump on board to help with the fight against climate change. With the eventual higher energy costs and carbon taxes we expect the demand for #NetZero homes to grow.

Looking back we are very thankful to clients for trusting us as their home builder. Big THANKS to Kent and Darcy Earle, Paulo and Adrianna and Michael and Joanne Molaro for letting us help design and build your unique green homes. Your AWESOME! Together we have demonstrated that with the right team, commitment and collaboration that affordable NetZero targeted homes are feasible.

We also want to thank our hand picked team that are truly amazing. It is great to work with people that take pride in their work and can be trusted to show up when you need them, like Aaron from Lexus plumbing, Orisha from Studio Styles and Verscelli for all of our stucco work. It also helps that Taylor has developed a great network of friends like James McCulloch and Josh to help out when there is some heavy wall lifting to do!

The good news for the next round of Green Homes is that we have got the recipe tested, lean construction practices implemented and a TEAM that can deliver projects at less cost, in less time and a much better product than is currently on the market. Next we need to work on business development for EcoSmart.

So What's next for EcoSmart ?

Taylor and I took a time out recently to set course for the next stage of business development and created a vision, strategy and are in the process of implementing a plan to take us to that next level.

Looking to the future we see a sustainable development with NetZero homes in a community that we helped design and build with our team, clients and financial partners. The EcoSmart sub-division will be unique, not so big and net-positive energy. This will require an integrated transportation energy strategy as this also needs to be accounted for in the NetZero energy balance.

Our journey to get there will include sticking to our core values which are to become the best affordable green home builder on the planet. This will be achieved by working in a sprit of trust with our open book system, building great projects teams, paying attention to detail, caring about our clients, the planet and the people we choose to do business with.

We also want to have fun along the way which includes keeping the batteries charged with kiting, windsurfing, mountain biking and exploring the beautiful outdoors. In-between projects we will also advance our skills in lean construction, green building design and explore new ways to create value. This April Taylor, Joanne and Murray will be heading to the Lean Construction Institute - Canada conference in Vancouver.

Now that you have been updated on EcoSmart's plans for the future, please feel free to connect with us for that next project or business opportunity.

Murray the "Project Manager" @Lean_tobe_Green mguy@eco-smart.ca

Taylor the "Builder" tguy@eco-smart.ca

Joanne the "Business Manager" jguy@i-desigsn.ca

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