EcoSmart is Building Affordable High Performance Not So Big in North Park

EcoSmart after working on six Zero targeted homes have come to the conclusion that with the right Team, high performance green homes can be built for minimal additional cost and provide a better return on investment. We believe that when you confront conventional wisdom with optimism and an open mind that there does not need to be tradeoffs between quality, performance, cost and taking care of the planet.

Why buy a High Performance home?

In addition to being more planet friendly high performance our homes are comfortable, efficient, healthier and provide a positive return on investment. Not only will you benefit financially by minimizing operation costs you will be able to walk the talk on sustainability by demonstrating leadership at a time when climate change and carbon taxes are on everyone's radar.

How do we get to NetZero?

Our approach is really simple, by using a lean project delivery processes we improve design and construction efficiency, by taking a minimalist approach we can reduce building material costs and through team collaboration we minimize design and construction costs. By utilizing an INTEGRATED design process we can minimize building loads, optimize the selection of building systems enabling higher performance.

Show me the Money!

When we combine Lean Construction Practice with an Integrated Design Process , it is possible to deliver high performance homes that produce as much energy as they consume (NetZero) while providing a positive return on investment. Some key affordability strategies that EcoSmart uses are:

  • Build not so big by making efficient use of space to reduce the cost of construction.

  • Build with a suite in the basement to increase development density, improve cash flow and resale value

  • Integrate the design so extra costs for a high performance envelope are offset by saving in mechanical and electrical systems

  • Utilize passive design practices to minimize loads and take advantage of solar opportunities

  • Adopt lean construction to reduce time, cost and the waste

Where can I see such a Project?

Taylor Guy at the age of 25, is building himself a double wall, triple glazed affordable NetZero targeted home that when you take into account the rent from the suite in the basement and next to nothing energy bills will provide him with positive cash flow from the day he moves in.

The $450,000 cost of the project including land, renewable energy systems, suite in the basement and high performance systems will be comparable to other houses in the market with the difference being there will be $2000 per year saving in energy plus $12,000 per year in rental income from the suite in the basement.

Are there any compromises?

EcoSmart is committed to creating environments that contribute to the health and well being of the occupants, which is why there is no compromise on functionality, comfort or beauty. We also wanted to create some WOW in the uniqueness of the design and in the quality of the “the look” to show that GREEN homes can compete in any market.

Our designs include lots of natural light, connections to nature, layouts that flow, modern not so big concept, concrete and granite counter tops, architecturally unique designs, cool light fixtures, tile work and unique flooring.

It takes a TEAM to deliver a championship performance!

It helps when you have a TEAM on board that have a passion for GREEN projects, mastery in integrated design and experience delivering projects to our industries highest standards for sustainability. (Passive House, Living Building Challenge, LEED and Net 0 Buildings) For our projects the craftsman, designers and project managers collaborate as a team from the design stage to bring innovation, quality, production efficiency and value to the process.

If you are interested in building affordable green, please call Murray Guy (306.222.5384) or Taylor Guy (306.270.3376)

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