WHY Not NetZero ... We Did!

EcoSmart Prefab GREEN Net 0 Targeted Duplex

1602 Edward Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Our goal for this project was to demonstrate that we could build beautiful unique Net 0 homes that are economically viable. By vertically integrating construction services and utilizing a prefab wall system we reduced the cost of construction. By utilizing passive solar and an integrated design we hopefully have reduced building loads enough that our 6 kW PV system will produce as much energy as we consume.

The technical solution includes a high performance-building envelope that is approximately 12 inch thick with triple glazed windows, Energy Star + appliances, Nest thermostat, LED lighting, ERV, heat pump hot water heater and a 95% efficient condensing furnace. There is no cooling other than with natural ventilation provided by opening windows, screen doors and our BIG ASS fan. For Side B we utilized the same technology other than there is no PV system, an HRV instead of an ERV and a gas hot water heater.


Prefab Wall System

Hand Picked Team

Integration of services including PM, CM, Design and trade services to reduce cost


Leadership: Net 0 Demonstration Project

Density: Infill Project close to City Core

Transportation: Close to work, bike paths, river and bus routes

Passive: Passive solar design principles

Economics: Net 0 Energy with a Positive Return on Investment Furniture: Recycled, Cradle to Cradle, Local, rapidly renewable materials

www.i-designs.ca | www.eco-smart.ca |www.LeanLab.ca mguy@i-designs.ca

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