Passive House Performance on a Beer Budget

Blue Heron Haus - Net 0 Targeted Home for Kent & Darcy Earle

For this passive solar design the goal was to deliver an affordable simple Net Zero energy home at approximately the same cost as a traditional build. This was achieved by integrating project management and construction services with a high level of owner involvement. By utilizing simple energy efficient technology together with a passive solar design, hopefully we have reduced the building loads enough that the 6 kW PV system will produce as much energy as the home consumes. The home is simple in design enabling material use and construction efficiency.

The views of the South Saskatchewan River are amazing

The technical solution includes a double wall high performance-building envelope that is 16 inch thick with passive house quality fibreglass triple glazed windows, Energy Star + appliances, in floor heating, LED lighting, HRV, wood stove and an electric boiler. There is no cooling other than with natural ventilation provided by opening windows and screen doors.


  • Design to a Target Cost

  • Hand Picked Team with Vertical Integration of Services

  • Pull Planned the Project (6 Month Construction Schedule)


  • Leadership: Net 0 Passive Solar Demonstration Project

  • Connection to Nature: The views of the South Saskatchewan River are amazing

  • Simple Design: Exposed concrete floors, basement walls

  • Education: Passive Haus Tour, Awesome Website

Economics: Net 0 Energy with a Positive Return on Investment

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