Murray the "Net Zero GUY"

Building the FUTURE

One day two Donkeys from Maui, stopped Murray and requested that he stop having so dam much fun wave sailing and do something to fix the extreme effects of climate change. The locals were starting to get a little pissed that the grass wasn't as GREEN as it should and decided to approach warriors that love to play in the beautiful outdoors to join forces and make the difficult changes needed to secure the future.

Murray being knowledgeable and passionate about high performance buildings decided that he had better listen to these very determined and tough characters and went forth and started three companies to Build the Future.

Integrated Designs, EcoSmart Developments and Lean Lab are companies that have a purpose and up to the challenge of changing a very inefficient and wasteful building industry to achieve Factor 10 levels of performance improvement. We accomplish this through the adoption of lean and more integrated practices and by promoting more sustainable behavior. This in not an option, it is required to sustain life on a planet that is headed to 11 Billion people by 2100.

By helping our clients to Get Green Done they become recognized as leaders, benefit from a positive return on investment and together we can feel real good about creating a more sustainable building industry.

Our goal is to make all new buildings NetZero Energy by 2020

Why so Passionate about Green?

When you love to play in the outdoors you become very motivated to protect your playground. When you know there is a better way, it is our duty to do the best we can with what we have. It helps when you have a team of passionate talented hard working people that are committed to fixing an industry that is hugely wasteful and resource intensive.

We have the expertise to build NetZero & provide a Positive Return on Investment

Why Lean? With the Integrated Design process we we were able to deliver LEED Gold projects that used 55% less energy at no additional cost. This is not good enough! With Lean we get to integrate the efforts of the whole team and do battle on the up to 40% waste that is inherent with more traditional design-tender-build processes.

If you need evidence check out the book "Broken Building Busted Budgets"

How do Lean to be Green ECOnomics work? With Lean we will save as a minimum the 15% extra it may take to get to NetZero. Masters in Lean are able to save up to 40% of the cost of a project. That is how we can deliver NetZero buildings at less cost with lots left over for profit and our wish list.

What is the NetZero Revolution?

There is growing excitement about going NetZero! We are experiencing this as we just passed an awesome milestone of participating on our fifth NetZero targeted project. The NetZero REVOLUTION is about making NetZero homes COOL like the i-phone so everyone wants one. For the NETZero Revolution to Happen, we need to make NetZero #COOL and #Affordable like Murray'S NetZero Targeted Home

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