The journey begins here.


The development process begins with the purchase of a property followed by developing a conceptual design.  We like to create a 3D representation to help visualize how the new build will look.

The next phase is to design the space to the Project Requirements. For EcoSmart we are committed to building NetZero ready, unique, with sustainable building materials plus we need to be able to compete in the market.  

The design  needs to meet building code requirements and pass a review by the authorities having jurisdiction for issuing the building permit.

Getting the permit is a major milestone!   Once we have the permit, construction can proceed.


This normally involves demolition, utility location, a survey of the property, dig the basement and construct the foundation. 


Next we install forms and pour the basement walls. Alternatively we have built a few homes with an insulated slab on grade

Next we get to frame the project.

Taylor's Speciality.

The roof goes on and we enclose the building!

For Passive Designs we will want to test for air tightness

Sheet the roof, install the windows and finish roof with shingles or metal roof 

Install wrap as an air barrier

Rough in for Mechanical & Electrical

The exterior siding or stucco can proceed while the interior work proceeds

We like to build double wall with blow in cellulose as a high performance solution

Complete interiors need more pictures drywall, mud and tape, painting cabinets, baseboards, floor covering, base boards, light fixtures, LED lights, plugs, communications & appliances 

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