EcoSmart builds a sustainable home with unique design features that create some WOW, while being highly energy and cost efficient. The following information outlines some of the thinking behind the designs and the care put into the building of the EcoSmart Home.   


What is an EcoSmart Home?

As investors in real estate, we need to think about the risks associated with owning an inefficient home. With changing mindsets, how will the value of one of our biggest investments be affected by carbon tax, higher energy bills and concern for the planets and our children’s future.


An EcoSmart Home is designed to be able to produce as much energy as it consumes by adding PV panels on the roof. The PV panels are connected to the power grid so that when the home needs or produces more power than it needs, it can transfer that energy through a meter that manages the energy balance. There is an App that you can install on your phone to monitor energy production.


Unique Designs with some WOW!

We recognize that not everyone is excited about achieving NetZero energy bills, so that is why EcoSmart Homes are also functional, good looking and delivered with an exceptional builder experience.


With careful selection of materials and craftsman we deliver unique designs that are affordable and provide value.  It can be those special design features that are fully coordinated that create that special look.  We pride ourselves that no two builds are ever the same.  We like to experiment, that’s what makes it a fun and rewarding experience.


Is a NetZero Home Economically viable?

The key to building an economically viable NetZero home is to minimize the energy use to lower the cost of PV panels. This is achieved by building an air tight home with high levels of insulation and the selection of energy efficient systems. EcoSmart has learned how to build economical high performance homes enabling us to compete with other builders.


Why not add the PV panels now?

Not all home owners are able to afford the approximately $25k of PV panels required to take a 1550 sq.ft. EcoSmart home to NetZero energy use. When the home owner is ready, the Return on Investment will be approximately 10% and will be paid back in 10 years.


How is the construction different?

The EcoSmart Home standard construction is a 10-inch-thick double wall with blown in cellulose insulation. This method of construction enables a R40+ thermal efficiency and the ability to minimize air leakage. The roof is R80+. We also use triple glazed windows and insulated quality doors.  A good warm building jacket is key to minimize energy use and improve comfort.


What are some of the other features?

To walk the talk on sustainability we also take care in selecting low VOC paints, flooring that is durable and made of natural products and energy efficient LED lighting. The smart thermostat also plays a big part in achieving low energy use, by resetting temperatures during occupied and unoccupied modes.


The built in features of the back door mud room cabinetry and the main entrance divider/boot storage units are very functional.  The built in electric fireplace on a tile wall provides a great look and contributes to the ambience of the space.


The basement is Legal Suite Ready!

With a separate entrance and mechanical systems that have been roughed in for a pre-determined design a suite could easily be added to help with the mortgage payment.  The basement floors have in-floor heating loops as this makes for a more comfortable space. There is 4 inches of rigid insulation under the slab, a 2x4 insulated wall on the interior in addition to 3 inches of rigid insulation on the outside of the basement walls.


10 Reasons to Invest in an EcoSmart Home


Recently I wrote an article about investment considerations for the purchase an EcoSmart Home.


  1. Purchasing a home is a big investment.  It should take into account future market value with higher energy costs, carbon tax and tougher energy codes.

  2. The demand for NetZero Ready homes will be higher, driven by Generation X, Y & Z home buyers worried about the future

  3. Financial institutions are risk adverse and they see that non sustainable investments as risky. CMHC provides energy efficiency rebates on insurance for new home buyers.

  4. There is a proven recipe to build economically viable NetZero homes. You just need to find the right builder.

  5. NetZero smaller urban homes will increase in value more than inefficient larger homes in the burbs due to the carbon tax associated with home heating and transportation.

  6. There is satisfaction in becoming an early adopter of transformational solutions.

  7. The PV panels to generate the energy required to get to NetZero, provide a 10% return on investment. Better than the 2% you get in a GIC!

  8. Homes with a good jacket and in-floor heating are way more comfortable.

  9. The bottom line is that high performance homes are the best environmental and economic choice.

  10. The revenue from a future suite in the basement can make it more economical to own this home, than to rent.


EcoSmart Developments tag line is “Building for the Future.” That is why we specialize in building high performance infill homes in core neighbours.   If this type of home is right for you, please connect with one of our Team.

EcoSmart Developments or Murray Guy at 306.222.5384

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