Here are a sample of some completed custom built projects including ...Passive House Standards ... Affordable NetZero ... Rural Acreages ... Infill Properties ... Green Roofs ... Yurts ... Cottages ... BC Mountain Homes

Kent & Darcy Earle Blue Herron Haus Saskatoon 

This project demonstrated that we can build  simple, cost effective NetZero homes with the right team. This home achieved air tightness of less than 0.6 acph and was close to achieving the NetZero energy target.  Kent and Darcy did an awesome job of sharing the recipe and process on the project website. Check it out!

 Thank you K& D for trusting us to build your home. 

Kathleen & John Mountain Home in Osoyoos, BC

Taylor & crew jumped at the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains building a retirement home for Kathleen/Architect  & John/Carpenter. The project demonstrated that simple, cost effective unique homes are feasible even in a hot market like the Okanagan when you put together the right team.

The bonus was  boarding on the POWDER days!   Thank you K& J for trusting us to build your home. 

Scott 1.jpeg
scott 2.jpeg
Scott complicated roof lines.jpeg
Scott Prefab Tiered Mountain Home, Osoyoos, BC

The first Osoyoos build was a large Pacific Homes Prefab package with a complicated tiered side mountain foundation.


The crew were successful in delivering this challenging project in record time. 

Paulo & Adrianna Affordable NetZero Ready

One of our first Design and Build of a NetZero Double Wall NetZero ready homes, on a very tight budget.

Salay Maison
(Green Roof\Net Zero Ready)

For this NetZero ready home we built double wall construction with cellulose insulation and passive house quality triple glazing and are targeting an air tightness of less than 0.5 ACP.


This 4500 sq.ft river view home will have a green roof & awesome views of the Saskatchewan River. 


Hybrid Timber Prefab Candle Lake Cottage & Yurt

This project introduced us to the world of prefabrication and production efficiency. We built  a 450 sq.ft Yurt in 14 hours and got sold on PREFAB.


Then came a  1400 sq.ft Prefab Hybrid Timber frame cottage that was built by 3 guys, 11 days closed in ready for shingles. A WOW performance


We love the uniqueness of the hybrid timber frame solution. The warmth of wood coupled with the efficiency of the  prefab SmartWall system.